Thursday, January 12, 2012

some of our favorite things....

baby K has always loved helping me clean-i guess he really is my son! But his favorite is the vaccum it is one thing he will cry over if you do not let him have it. Funny!

Now that he can see the baby LOVES to watch a few things-Elmo, Toy story, Cars (especially Mater, now you know that he is really Chris' son!) and Nemo. It is really very funny! We are not big TV watchers so we are limited in our selections.

And he is in love with all things Woody right now. We have had this doll for about a year and he has played with him time to time but now it is all about the cowboy things! Rides, horses, etc.

sorry this one is so blurry! the kid is fast! i kinda like it though....

we watch toy story with woody!

we sleep with woody!

And lastly all things dinosaurs! we bought this little guy at the children's museum and he goes everywhere with him. dinner, car rides and we stomp him around grawling at all kinds of things. He is such a big boy!

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