Tuesday, January 31, 2012

birthday boy

We have a 2 year old! What!! I cannot believe where this year went but it has been a good one and he has changed and grown and learned so much this last year. And we are so grateful he is still with us and look forward to many other birthdays!

birthday 2 pancake

the morning of his birthday I made pancakes and we sang happy birthday with a candle. We have been practicing this song and he was excited to sing it and blow out the candle.


I made his cake again this year and I think it turned out ok except for his red face that started to melt off. I am still not sure what happened to it because everything else lasted and stayed in place. ? Oh well. He was not a huge fan anyway! He never likes desserts anyway but was pretty funny with Elmo and played with his face and the candle. It was cute!

grandparents know him really well and sent some great gifts; books, a train whistle (which he pretends he can whistle-he loves it) and we got him more thomas the train sets. He was very excited to open presents and was a good sport while I tried to take pictures. It was a really fun day. Happy 2nd birthday little man!

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