Monday, March 26, 2012


Visits lately have been really challenging for us but especially for this little man! (who has thinned out like a big boy). We both got our hopes up that this week we would finally move forward with something at court. We have been there for 6+ months! Well, really 28 months since baby K was born but in the termination court 6 plus. Last week we got word that they would be changing judges on us for the 3rd time and that will push us back a month! It does not sound like a big thing, 4 weeks but that means 16 more visits, 4 less Saturdays together and who knows what kind of drama on the visits and after. I know we can make it through this and all will be ok but at the moment I just want to be done. Done for the baby especially. I will leave out the details. Just done!...

Barbara Thompson at last General Conference gave a talk entitled "Cleave unto the Covenants" which I love! I think it was exactly the reminder that I needed.

"Lift up thy heart and rejoice, and cleave unto the covenants which thou has made." D&C 25:13

Which was given to Emma Smith, who was asked to endure so much! To cleave means "to adhere firmly and closely to something." And I know that we are sustained through those covenants through the good times as well as the bad.

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