Friday, March 9, 2012


this little guy will sit through an entire 30 minutes of Elmo on the laptop by himself. Maybe I should not enjoy it as much as I do but it is so nice to brush my teeth and wash my face without entertaining the wild 2 year old who just wants to unroll all the tp or empty every drawer in the bathroom. Ah! thanks elmo!!

and on Sunday I will be starting a new "calling" at church! I am nervous, excited and just ready to get going. Chris already (he is always a welcome counselor!) jumped in to help by babysitting for our first meeting. He laughed so hard at these little girls. how cute are they all snuggled up! It will be interesting and fun.

and one more of the museum

not that you can tell but we are at the zoo which we both love on nice sunny days. his favorite are the rhinos! both bill and roscoe (which funny enough is one of his little friend's name at church!). we have to walk by them at least 3 x on every visit..."hi roscoe how are you? see you later rhino roscoe." what a little personality!

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