Thursday, May 29, 2008

All in one day!

Chris took the day off of work so we have seen so much of each other this week with Memorial day together. He was a huge help in filling an order from the bishops store house for our Family Resource Center. We got enough food for 16 families that we directly serve through PAT. It was great to have my co-workers there and a great opportunity to learn more about the humanitarian aide efforts and work the church does. Our store house is amazing!

Next we did a final walk through on our house with our real estate agent. She is fabulous. And signed papers and more papers and more papers. It really was the easiest thing and now we own a house. And we actually walked away with a check after we bought the house. I am still not sure how we worked that out but we will not complain! It was great!

We spent the night celebrating with dinner at a yummy Italian style pizzeria and went to the Auditorium theater for Wicked. It was a fabulous show and we both were in tears by the end! We love the music and musicals all together but this was a great show. The story, costumes and so funny. It was a busy but wonderful day! How did we get so lucky.

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Eric and Jessi said...

Lisa! That is sooooo awesome, congrats on the house! Can't wait to come visit someday to see it!