Monday, May 26, 2008

Letchworth State Park

Car camping etiquette!
so we have only been car camping in NY a few times so I guess we are unsure of the rules about this type of camping.
1. How late is too late to play who let the dogs out? over and over and over again!
2. Since when is camping bringing everything you own pulled by a semi truck into a camp ground?
3. Burning wood pallets on top of (not inside of ) a firepit-i think you had to see this one.
4. Public bathroom behavior/enough said!
5. Since when do you need to bring a tv and DVD players, X-boxes and all sorts of electrical equipment to entertain yourself on a beautiful afternoon in the woods?
Maybe we just don't understand it! Any clue where we too can get a semi truck for 4th of July? Gotta love it!

We had a great weekend! After church on Sunday we ran away without responsiblities to Letchworth State Park. We went hiking, camped and tried to get some sleep! It was freezing cold. The waterfalls there are gorgeous and we will be back in July with the YW for High Adventure!

we learned this weekend that there are rednecks in every state you just have to know where to find them!

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