Monday, May 26, 2008

a mighty change of heart

This weekend we spoke at the Young Single Adult Conference called Gathering in the Grove-GIG. There were YSA who come from all over the northeast about 200. The theme this year was Going Forward with Faith. Elder Cook from the 6th Quorum of the Seventy was our Keynote Speaker. He did a fabulous job!

We spoke about Dating; a mighty change of heart. I love the children's story about Fanny & Heber; Fanny's Dream. We were able to find it on VHS and then talked about our own experiences emphasizing the importance of submitting to Heavenly Father's will, timing. All experiences even the negative ones can be good because they can prepare them for something great. D&C 64:33 small & simple things. It was interesting to hear about hanging out, Internet dating sites and many other topics that the YSA face today. It was a great experience!

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