Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Camping with the Stars

So we got back Saturday from YW High Adventure and through a series of events it was really late-exhausted. Sunday was typically long... and we headed for Girls Camp. We were combined with Buffalo this year so things have really been complicated in the details and the plans. But it all came together and it was a great camp.
Where do I even begin. There is so much that happens at camp-some planned and so many other things unplanned. There is drama and illness and accidents. It was eventful! We spent one entire evening and around $100 at the laundry mat washing every piece of clothing two cabins had because two girls had head lice! AH! I was itching for hours.
Certification groups!
Rochester Stake Games: Faith Factor
Fireside about the polar star

Our happy campers! oh how I love them.

The Beaver's family was kind enough to drive their ice cream truck down for everyone to enjoy. I love ice cream but this was heaven.
Lehi's Dream of the tree of life
I think for me this was the highlight of the week. I was standing at the end by the tree greeting the leaders and yw as they came to the tree. It was really powerful to watch their reactions as they stepped around the corner and saw the light and the trees and their leaders dressed in white. I hugged them and welcomed them by name. Then I spoke (short & sweet since it was so dark I could not see my notes) then we ended with a testimony meeting where almost the entire stake of yw bore testimony! The spirit was great.
I got home around 1:00 am to sleep a few hours and head to work. Good stuff...


Eric and Jessi said...

I'm glad camp and the tree of life turned out so well!

Amber said...

Hey Lisa! I found your blog through Jessica's. What is your calling in Young Women's? John and I just moved to Omaha in March, and I was called to be in the Young Women Presidency. So far it has been fun, but I would love to compare notes.
Amber Pawlowski