Thursday, August 7, 2008

High Adventure 2008

Life has been seriously hectic! I am not sure it could get any busier and that I could be any more exhausted! I should never say such things but it is crazy! All great things though.

The trip started a little crazy with our other driver being late and a YW named Jodie left at Walmart but we finally got on our way with everyone and everything. This was a lot of work and a lot of preparation.

Jodie at Wally World! Ah! I was so nervous she would not be there when we arrived. She looked a like a runaway with her backpack and sleeping bag or a homeless child. It was funny.

We setup camp and started our long hike of the trip. 5 miles with 12 young women it was exciting and beautiful!

For lunch we stopped to paint and enjoy the waterfalls. Chris was so nervous that one of the girls would trip and fall right off the side.

Chris is hard at work-no really he was the biggest help and I could not have done it without him! Love you!

This is our whole group besides Chris and President Wozniak. Camera shy I guess...

Day 2

We spent the day rafting and hiking but I have absolutely no pictures of this day. Maybe when we compile all the pictures for a cd I will post some. It was a fabulous day. We played in the waterfalls and slid down the rocks into some really cool natural pools. The rapids were small and the rocks were huge but it was a great team building experience.

Day 3

Ropes Course!

This was interesting. I have climbed before but never right up a really straight tree. I was so impressed with the girls and by the time we started the second route I was dead! Old, fat, combination of no sleep and days of running? that all played a factor but I was done! The girls really encouraged on another and enjoyed the experience.

Group shot! So cute.

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