Wednesday, November 19, 2008

no more fall..

hello snow..
our fall leaves and cool weather disappeared overnight! It is winter. We prolonged it as long as possible. I am loving our attached garage. I just jumped in the car and off I went to work. Poor Chris woke up early to get to work and ended up shoveling the walk, the driveway and scraping his car. What a sweetheart!
It is really pretty that first snow before it all turns black. It might be time to try the fireplace.

On Saturday Chris & I had a few minutes between activities and work so we laid down for a few minutes thinking we would take a nap. We ended up talking and then watching the birds. We have a big window overlooking the trees. We saw a blue jay, a cardinal and many robins. It was really fun to watch them! What a simple thing to enjoy if only for a few minutes!

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The Kenyons said...

The first snow is always so pretty. Your house looks so cute covered in it too. What a fun place to live! Can we come visit?