Sunday, June 28, 2009

go redwings.....

thanks hillside for a fabulous evening at the company box! air conditioning, barbeque hot dogs and hamburgers, ice cold drinks, a great view of the game and gorgeous weather!

the field, go redwings....
we had a great night with co-workers and getting to know their families
yummy cookies, fun company and a great game! we paid for parking and that was worth the $5

hillside + xerox
they have a box as well but i think it is really hard to get in
the ysa group carried the flag for the game so there was a large group from the branch there. including some friends mark and laura!

this was the first game of the season we were able to attend and what a great game! they pulled through and won in the last inning!!

And the night ended with a crazy fireworks show. this was a really good show but sooo loud.

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