Saturday, June 20, 2009

a weekend free

we had a saturday off~the first one since mid april. it was so nice to sleep in and enjoy the lazy feel of a saturday.....of course we worked on the kitchen ~ it is almost done. chris had some trouble with the old electrics in our house but he figured it out! thank goodness. we also made some homemade salsa! it is so beautiful. tomatoes, cilantro, radishes green onions and several types of peppers. yummy!
and had a little barbeque in between the rain! which it did all weekend. kabos and hamburgers were so yummy and a nice change since our kitchen is no fun to cook in.

yummy hamburgers with mushrooms, cheese and blue cheese! with all that rain the bugs are really bad! it is hard to spend any time out for a long period of time. it is summer and we only have a few months of good weather here so i wish that the bugs and weather could work themselves out together.

the lilies in the front are now in full bloom ~ so beautiful...chris' favorite flower!

and happy father's day to my own wonderful father who has taught me so much about life and love and forgiveness and to my future husband father who will be the best dad! I love you!!!

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Daisy said...

My goodness, that looks so yummy!