Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend fun!

Priest Laurel Conference
was this weekend. we had the best time with the youth, the leaders and each other. i have not laughed that hard in such a long time. we ate food that someone else cooked and did not have to worry about work, class or the house. it was so fun! i danced, played games and really enjoyed speed dating, workshops and the keynote speaker.
this was the majority of our group~by this time we were missing a few...

then sunday chris made the best pesto ever!
we have been saving this pasta for a special occasion. trofiette....we bought it in milano with nadia and enjoyed eating it in Florence. and it was just as good as eating it in Italy! was a much needed quiet sunday with chris. and i am still dragging my feet to get started this week.

Recipe: super easy and yummy!
cook Pasta (angel hair or favorite kind)

Chop fresh basil in a food processor
add pine nuts
Parmesan cheese
olive oil

mix until pieces are small enough but still not mush...mix with pasta and top with salt + pepper, and more cheese.


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Becky said...

I can make that! thanks for sharing.