Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3

beach #3
Sunday we slept in and then drove to the beach where we spent the day relaxing and enjoying the area. This beach was different than the ones I spent time at mainly Florida growing up because it was really rocky. Chris loved to find flat rocks and skip them across the waves.

rocks #3
we saw seals pop there heads up all day. they were really fun....just poke their heads above water, look around and then off they went! we would see them again down the beach. so fun!

#3 rocks
this day we ate yummy fresh shrimp and enjoyed long walks up and down the beach! towards later afternoon some surfers came out and caught a few waves. it was so pretty. we looked for shells but there were not too many along this beach.

fishing #3
after dinner we found a good place to fish and spent a few hours trying to catch something. the best part I have to say was not the fishing (sorry chris) but the sunset!


And the moon came up just as soon as the sun went down. it was really beautiful! our last night we made a fire and watched the stars. we are so grateful to have spent some time away and with each other. what a great trip! we listened to one of chris' favorite books on the drive; Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

I love spending time with Chris...we laughed so hard and had some really good conversations. It is nice to feel so connected and close to him again. life gets busy and time off reminds me again of why and how much I love and appreciate him. We have a wonderful life together. Full of great things; hard things, challenging things but we have a wonderful time together!

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The Kenyons said...

Your trip sounds so fun and relaxing! You took some beautiful pictures! Any chance I could get you to come take some family pictures of us? :) I miss you!