Thursday, July 9, 2009

happy 4th of july

flag #2

Happy 4th of July!
We spent the day in Provincetown. A little touristy and a little crazy with people but really cute shops, great food and beautiful beaches.

flats #2

Chris loved walking on the mudflats looking for shells. He found several really big, nice and fun ones. It was quiet and beautiful!


mudflats #2
It was fun to watch all the boats come and go.
This lighthouse was built in the 1850's; it was moved away from the shore in the '90's. This was the one thing i wanted to do and tour because it is always what I pictured when thinking of Cape Cod. There were beautiful views. We saw the whales in the water from the lookout.

overlooking the sand dunes in Provincetown~the Pilgrims cut down all the trees for cattle grazing and then over did it so now there are no trees and the sand has nothing to hold the vegetation. we read all kinds of things at the visitors center! interesting.

beach #2

we saw the most beautiful skies this trip. it was unreal. pictures just do not capture it all.

and of course fireworks~this was the best show i have ever seen...sorry lander, wy and bills family. maybe it was the beach or the water or the full moon but it was really fun to celebrate this way

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