Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hill Cumorah Pageant

It is Hill Cumorah Pageant time! Life stops in Palymra, NY for the pageant. Last friday we joined with our branch to eat pizza and watch it together. It was such a clear night that we could see a million starts. So pretty.

Many of our YW and members of our stake were performers in the pageant! It was really fun to see them before and after pageant. They did a great job.

Then this Friday we took a co-worker to pageant. She knew a little about the BOM. It was great to share our belief in Jesus Christ. We had a great conversation about our different churches and were able to understand each other better. Before and after the protesters were there saying all kinds of things. And my friend when we were leaving turned and said "well that is not very christian is it?" So funny that she recognized the difference in the spirit.

Until next year pageant~we are not necessarily "pageant people" but you never know maybe one day we will be cast members. It is starting to grow on us a little more each year. It is a great example of what we believe and a good testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. And we had a great time sharing this experience with others.

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