Saturday, September 5, 2009


A weekend in Utah
we finally completed a baby gift for.....yes 2 month old Tobin. Sorry it took so long but finding fabric of bikes or climbers was not easy.

What a cute little guy! Thanks for the picture Chelsea. We are so glad we got to meet him.
This quilt was fun because I tried to do some free hand quilting. Even though there were lots of mistakes. It was fun and different to try.

We also saw the Millers before they embark on their long trek east! Yep moving closer to us~8 hours any way. We are excited for them!

The trip to Utah was for grandma packer's funeral and the grandparent's gravesite burial. It was a wonderful service and we got to visit with so many family members and friends. It was a wirlwind of a trip but so worth it. IMG_7257

The four Packer kids sang "How great thou art" and Cami sang a solo at the beginning of the service. It was beautiful as always.



The Packer Family plot was nice to see and remind ourselves of the legacy left. What wonderful people and stories.

Logan, Utah
And these two could not keep their hands off each other....but they are soon to be engaged and we could not be happier for Katie!! What a nice (and cute) guy~welcome to the family Jameson....We even bought a dress on Saturday!! Wedding bells at X-mas?????

Mary~those kiddos are the cutest.
And of course a thrilling game of kickball with all the siblings, kids and cousins. We laughed too much!

This was a strange trip to Utah, mostly because we felt like visitors while there. We lived here for a few years and so many family members still live there but it is not for us and we were so glad to be coming home to NY. That was a first to feel so much like this is where we belong. It was a great trip. A little sad in lots of ways, busy with family but so fulfilling and even renewing to feel the strength, love and support of so many family members.

We stayed with the Sowells Sunday evening before we flew out. What a wonderful family. They are great people and wonderful examples to us. Chris expressed that every time we are around them they make us want to be better people!

It was fun to walk around campus, drive by our first apartment and reminisce about dates, classes, blessings and the hard times in our earlier married life.

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Becky said...

Love this post, especially the pictures! I am so glad you could both be there, it made everything right! Becky