Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i love this...

I apologize for the insane number of photos this fall but really i love this time of year more than anything....

these two I took while working as I drove around the city! It really is just so pretty on every street.

I took a long lunch break and walked around a local park on Monday and could not resist taking a few pictures.



And lastly the largest and oldest cementary in Rochester~infact Susan B. Anthony is buried here. i like the combination of trees and the beauty of the headstones and mosacs. plus the weather was kinda warm today so it was nice to take a walk!





Linds said...

Oh man! Send me back! I remember being out tracting in the fall and I loved it! Oh I miss NY so much!

Amber said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Fall is such a pretty time of year.

Amy Bartlett said...

So beautiful Lis! I love fall too! Someday I am planning a trip to New York in the fall!!!

Daisy said...

Love it Lis! I am living capturing fall through your blog. My Nikon died. Like in the middle of an engagement session died. Sad day for me. The parts are on back order. And I am without my camera at my most favorite time of year. Will be making up for it double-time next year! Thanks for posting so many. They are absolutely beautiful!

D.B. said...

nice pics, we skipped fall this year, oh well