Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new tricks

The Capo can roll from his tummy to his back-we are still working on back to tummy.

And he loves this new play gym that is totally ugly but hey I do not think he cares one bit! He will sit and giggle with this toy for hours. He wants so badly to get those rings into his mouth. With the mirror he loves to make faces and laugh. He can hold toys and sometimes gets them to his mouth.

the projectile vomit has covered our house and our furniture. plus the smell of baby has taken over! But this little guy is just happy and we love it.

And his daddy loves him! so cute you 2 are...


Linds said...

Your pictures are so artistic! I wish I could take pictures of Emma like that.

Kelly said...

Lisa, you don't know me. I am Cami's friend so I know a bit about you. She just sent me this link and I am obsessed with that sweet, little boy. He is so darling! I'm glad that you have him. He is an angel.

Eric and Jessi said...

He is THE cutest thing in the world. Have a great weekend with everyone!

Blue Skies said...

Lisa, Capo is so darn cute!! I hope that I get to meet him. Hang in there, you are in our prayers :)