Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Favorite things

Monday I had one of those really frustrating days at work. Chris was working from home with the baby! So when I got home they were upstairs just hanging out. I came up the stairs calling out for the baby. Chris said he stopped dead and looked for me. When I came around the corner and he saw me, he screamed, laughed, arms outstretched for me with a huge dimpled grin. I just melted! And nothing from the day mattered! I love that kid!

lisa 3

He is just about 7 months but this kid has stranger anxiety already! Twice now other people were holding him and he was fine until he saw me across the table, looked back at who was holding him and back at me. Then the little lip starts to quiver and then the screams! So cute!

lisa 1

My favorite summer time thing right now has been hanging out on the hammock. The baby loves to be outside so when he cannot sleep or i just want to be outside, we head out. He looks at the trees and stops to listen to the birds. It makes him so happy! we are also loving his little pool.


And we could not love our jogging stroller more!! the night walks are great and baby sleeps every time.


after a week of diaherra which led to a horrible diaper rash, he hung out all commando....and now baby is much better. How cute is that hiney!


And lastly, my very favorite thing right now is our bedtime routine. Baby has decided that life is too fun to miss even when he is exhausted! And now it takes great effort to get him to sleep. So after feeding, bathtime, massage-we read scriptures together and maybe a few baby books, sing some primary songs and he is usually calm enough to lay down. It is such a nice ending to our day together and I love just talking, playing and having time with each other.



Becky said...

What a great mama and wife you are! Love the juicy bootie, capo's that is!

Daisy said...

You are beautiful. And so is that little Capo. I loved the stories you shared about him just being so excited when you came in the door. There isn't a better feeling in the world. Especially when you have to work all day. Which reminds me . . . I'm counting the days to go back to work and it's killing me.