Thursday, July 29, 2010

something i should have learned in kindergarten

when someone is mean to you, you do not have to be mean back!

I do not have to let the words or actions of another make me a person that I do not want to be and act in a way that i do not want to. I have to, need to and well really want to communication with this person. So I have to stretch myself to be positive, forgive often and let go of the things that are said and done. And be proud of who I am and treat them kindly. I pray to see them always as a daughter of God and well really just not get in the way of His love for her.

Maybe in other relationships I have distanced myself or just avoided them but this one I cannot do that. And the change will have to be in me. I do not see this other person even recognizing what they are doing. I have never been great at communicating and especially confrontation so this is a chance to learn and grow. but i am so frustrated!

so i am CHOOSING (or trying to)another way!


we made some organic baby food to freeze from the fresh veggies from the SWFM. It was really easy and we feel better about making our own. good stuff!

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Becky said...

What veggie is it, squash?