Thursday, July 29, 2010

some times we wonder....

.....if our current situation was a choice of ours or if it is simply the affects of our mortal, imperfect state. I am sure we all have moments of wondering whether our trials and struggles were given to us or ones where we knew we could handle them so we volunteered. I love Brother Bordercik's talk/book uses of adversity about this.

But I guess I am not sure! and I guess it really does not matter.

We can face whatever comes. And we will not become bitter or even sad. It is hard at times but we find moments of strength where we push forward or are being pushed forward. At times we even thank the Lord for those moments because we can look back and see so much growth, learning and blessings even.

We also feel blessed to have others who have gone through similar situations and they give us strength and offer example. There have also been others who have turned away from the Lord and become bitter. And I hope and pray that we can make it through the times ahead. Blessing after blessing we have never received the answer that there would be an easy way out. So again we hope and pray that we can just survive and be happy with where we are at!

My mom mentioned to us that we are really taking a risk. Instead of sitting around growing bitter about the loss of dreams or hopes; we are trying every avenue possible to change things. I have thought about that a lot and watched others who have also put themselves out there trusting that the Lord would take care of them in every way but also knowing that there would be heart break, trials and even loss. In the culture of the church we feel like we have to live up to the ideal (marriage, family) but that is not the principle of the gospel. Which is being worthy of the blessings that Heavenly Father has for all of his children. The culture tells us that if we are not married or do not have children there is not value in our membership. But that is not true. Our worthiness is not dependant on our marital status or how many children we have. Nor is our righteousness. That being said though it is not enough to just sit and wait for a spouse to knock on your door; you have to try every kind of dating and take the risk that you might get heart broken. We have had many conversations about these principles with members of our branch and I wish that culture of the church were different. But I do love that the principles are the same for me, for them and for everyone just different circumstances. That when we trust in the Lord, try everything that he asks us to and stretch when it is not enough. Elder from the Jensen from the Seventy talked about those who are different in this months Ensign. I loved his words!

but right now though we are enjoying this Wyoming baby! and getting ready for football season.


i am not sure how i convinced chris to take this picture and i am sure he will love that i am posting it.

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