Tuesday, October 5, 2010

late at night

we all do funny things....but this little kid has the biggest personality and keeps us laughing so hard especially late at night.


one night around midnight we were both still awake, chris working and well me just being lazy I am sure but the fatman woke up and would not go down until we fed him again. so I got a bottle ready and chris sat down to feed him. Chris had a pen behind his ear from working and the baby would not eat his bottle because he kept reaching for it. We laughed so hard and took a few minutes to play with capo so Chris put it behind the babies ear and the he tried to chase it like a dog chases his tale and never reaches it!! We just died! It was late yes but so funny.

We have also been finding the baby in the weirdest sleeping positions!


we cannot keep him on his back anymore!
this bottom one just kills me...how does he even sleep like that. the giraffe is his music box and his leg is up by his side.
he loves to sleep in his daddy's lap! he wiggles too much for me and I just cannot hold him plus the 20 + lbs for an hour or more. But it is really cute, the two of them!


I love this too...how in the world? one sock no blankets and his nok on his back?

we went on a hike the other evening and when we got home he was fast asleep with his hoodie over his head and he had been chewing on it....



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Amy Bartlett said...

I love these pics!! Sleeping babies are so funny. Brings back some memories. You got some really good ones. : )