Thursday, November 4, 2010

the pumpkin...

chris and baby had the best time craving the pumpkin on saturday! buggie was so excited and sat or stood right next to chris and the pumpkin the whole time. i really thought he would hate the insides but he just played in it and of course put it in his mouth. he is exploring. it turned out really cute! and we made much less of a mess than i thought we would.

Copy of IMG_3453







Happy Halloween!



Liz said...

Holy cow!! That pumpkin is as big as he is!! Looks like a fun, fun time.

Greg said...

He is getting so big and SO handsome!! That last pic (of the pumkin) looks a little like Chris! We hope you are all well!!

Jodie said...

Have I ever told you how inspired I am by you? If not, I should have. I sure do love you guys and I am truly thankful that we are friends. Your family amazes me. You are a great example to me, Lisa. Love you!!