Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 months

really?? I cannot believe time has gone by so fast. What a cutie this little guy is.....we just love him so much!
he has this crazy curly hair now that is so soft.IMG_3633
this month he has 3 teeth and 2 more that are still growing
he endured his first really sick, sickness...yek! infantigo...yek!! and well we just barely survived that as well. he cried none stop for three days, won't eat, sleep or let us put him down. my arm muscles are now really buff and he nows gives us hugs on call. that is really cute!
we started a mommy and me swim class. he loves the water
loves Cheerios, cheese, bread, crackers, a sippy cup and anything really he can stuff into his
mouth. what a big boy!
he chuckles nonstop, babbles nonstop and loves music! we found some really annoying, noisy children's toys-pianos, etc and he loves them. thank goodness they have an "on and off" button!
not walking yet but this kid does not sit still. the senior missionaries at church commented that
he is going to be a wrestler because he just twists and turns and wiggles! Ah!
he gives kisses! greets you with a smile no matter how he is feeling or what time of day or night it is. and loves his daddy so much. they roll and play and wrestle.



Blue Skies said...

So cute!! Hang in there you guys!

Jodie said...

We love him!! And we love both of you as well. We're praying so hard for all of you!