Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finding the tree


Timberland boots! for babies, really? they are so cute though and someone gave them to us so they seemed perfect for being out on the farm and finding the xmas tree. IMG_3709


We love Wilberts farm in Webster.


Saturday was the windest, coldest day so far but poor baby boy was such a good sport. IMG_3729


love that face. what the heck mom and dad!

This has been a family tradition forever but it is not quite the same as in Wyo. We miss the snowmobiles and all the gear but really appreciate the easy of going a few miles down the road and pulling a cart back to our car with a xmas tree.



here it is our little, crooked tree!! but it smells so good.

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Blue Skies said...

No other way to have a tree . . .