Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the love for santa


this is just too funny! at what age do children start to love and adore all things santa. definitely not at 11 months. there is really only a short window of time that santa plays such a huge part of a fantasy world for children. baby K is really very outgoing and social; most of the time but he wanted nothing to do with santa. not for a second!

we had a great little breakfast with santa on saturday. it was really nice and we were pleasantly surprised at how calm the whole thing was. i was expecting crazy, wild excitment. but the food was great and it was all very relaxing and casual. bobo ate everything we gave him including a really greasy tatter tot. it was also my birthday which was a fun way to start the day off.


he was a very calm, very quiet santa. i tried to prepare boboy all week with "ho, ho, ho's" but i do not think I heard one from this santa.


we tried to get a family picture but it is hard to hand over your camera to someone who apparently does not know how to take a picture with yours. (i think cameras are really all pretty much alike--no?)


we tried mrs claus because she seemed a little less terrifying with dad behind me making faces. but no! we just could not get a good santa picture!


maybe next year!


and we ended like this!
poor kid.
poor santa!!



melissa said...

So cute! Rush was definitely NOT a fan of Santa last year, and I'm not too hopeful for this year, either. I think half the problem is that most of Santa's face is covered with beard and spectacles, so babies don't really even know if he's human. Oh well, makes for cute sad pictures!

Gabriella said...

I love the Santa pictures. You look gorgeous as usual. Happy belated Birthday!

Eric and Jessi said...

I think that's the first picture I've seen him crying!

Liz said...

I think "crying baby with Santa" pictures are a rite of passage!!