Tuesday, January 18, 2011

11 months old

this baby boy is so sweet!
favorite things about him:

he sleeps through the night and puts himself down

he has 4 teeth and a second tooth on top popping through


still not walking but so busy, he will walk holding on to one hand but will not let go. He loves his toy truck and walks back and forth with it all day.

he blows kisses and waves

He loves every kind of cheese (wonder where he gets that chriser?) and pretty much anything else he can shove into his mouth.

He says mama, dadda, nana, baba and purrs and gurgles of course.

Baby can hold his sippy cup on his own finally but will not do it if you are there to do it for him.

He loves music and will dance to his favorite songs!

He enjoyed his first Christmas loving the lights, presents and the parties.

December he endured a very difficult overnight with his mother and ended in his first overnight in the ER. He has since done 2 more and though we did not spend the weekend in the ER they were not much better. He is one tough little guy.

He gives the best bear hugs and kisses in the morning first thing.

And he is so friendly and outgoing he reaches for people in the grocery store and will go into anyones arms. forget stranger anxiety.

christmas red outfit
We love love this little guy so much and are so grateful that he is a part of our lives right now!

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