Sunday, January 23, 2011

gospel teaching

I have been teaching gospel doctrine which at the beginning was really challenging because I am not an expert especially in the old testament. But this year we are in New Testament and I am feeling a little more comfortable. I love the time that it makes me spend in study and I love reviewing the principles of the Teaching no greater call manual. I am learning to enjoy this new calling. Two quotes that have really helped. We are all teachers in some form or another and I am reminded of how important these principles are.

"The goal of gospel teaching is not to pour information into the minds of those we teach. The aim is to inspire individuals to think about, feel about and then do something about living the gospel principles."

Elder Bednar continues by encouraging teachers to focus on the following:
1. Key Doctrines
2. Invite to action
3. Promise Blessings

As new parents we have talked about how these matter so much in how we want to be with our family and with each other. It has helped me feel more relaxed and prepared as I struggle to teach.

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