Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saying goodbye to 2010

This has been a big year for us with a huge amount of change. And I am happy to say goodbye to 2010 and to welcome in a new year. With renewed hope and faith for our future and what this year might bring. There are several things we want to focus on service, priorities, education, family and simplifying life. I like the challenge of new things and I am looking forward to starting a new. I should take note of the things we have done this year and remember all the new changes and big events. For some reason I just really want to move forward and "look not behind me"!

"We cannot see the future with precision, but we can know what the Lord intends and what it will take for each of us to qualify personally to participate.” Elder Eyring

I am grateful for a kind and loving husband who would do anything to make me happy. I could not be happier with him and with the sweetest baby boy. I keep going and doing and trying because of them. We are so blessed with family and friends that have supported us from afar so many times this last year. And 2010 will always be remembered as the year of change for our little family. I really like change but this was too much of a roller coaster for even me.

I am grateful for a New Year and a new start! Welcome 2011!!

.......and many more years with this sweet boyo!


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