Monday, June 27, 2011


We headed to the market for veggies and fruit for the week and the service at RMH. Bobo got a flower from one of the venders. And we enjoyed another empanada! yum....


Saturday was a busy day! We scheduled to make dinner for the Ronald McDonald house which houses families who have loved ones in the hospital. They were packed so we cooked for 40 people. And we had a lot of help and really enjoyed cooking for others with others.


his hair is so big! and all that him.


The house was really homey and well decorated. We felt right at home and had everything we needed; even a play area for the baby. He would not play there without me, whined, cried and threw tantrums but we all survived. Plus it was great to chat with families and enjoy some good food. It were really glad to be able to make it happen.


Blue Skies said...

I am so pleased and proud that you guys did some service with the little fat even though it was kinda crazy! Way to go you three!

Becky said...

Lisa - I'm glad you keep those boyos in line. What a great thing to do. I heard you talked on Sunday as well and totally rocked!