Monday, February 27, 2012

have you ever seen....

...a more pathetic face then this? it was appearently a rough day at church. What you cannot see is that he spent half of it without his pants on. Poor kid has parents who do not think ahead all the time and we did not pack extra pants.

He does love church though...funny things lately: he loves to say prayers so after every song he hears he proceeds to fold arms, bow head and say "Heavenly Father, Jesus, amen" with arms raised high. Very cute. Or his other favorite thing if things are running a little longer than that he just yells out, "AMEN, AMEN".

Last week we got there early and were talking with people ahead of time and as we made our way to our seats baby enjoyed the prelude music by dancing down the aisle of the church. People stopped to laugh and stare. Very cute!

He loves to be a "helper" right now and follow all kinds of directions; throw this or that away, close the door, put piper away, etc. He enjoys being busy doing the things we have to get done which is funny but not all the helpful, right! So washing the dishes is his favorite thing to "help" with. As you can see it becomes more of a water play time than anything but he will throw a fit if you do not let him "help". He is so thoughtful!

And the last thing that keeps us rolling are these little lego cars that Amy sent for his birthday. They are Guido and Luigi from the movie Cars! And he loves them. Insists on carrying them every where; to bed, in the tub or shower but most importantly to read our one Cars book (that I picked up in the clearance bin so it is not a really good read but we can makeup a better story) Anyway, he is so funny with them. As they read together he will turn them to look at him as he reads the story and then will say, "look" and turn them to the book so they can see it. He does this with all kinds of things like to food, to mommy and out the car window. I mean these little guys come everywhere with us and you cannot have just one. One in each hand. So cute!! I love our little man.

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Blue Skies said...

So cute! I haven't been on here in forever, and I can't believe how bit he is getting!