Tuesday, February 14, 2012

house on our own...

Chris and I love a good project and I was organizing some pictures today-realizing that I never compared our before and afters or the do it ourselves versions of things. One of the reasons I love our house is because we have filled it with things we love, made, have collected in foreign travels or unique- not out of a box or a shelf decor. It makes our house-us. If it were up to only me the style would be different but we our building it together and it has made for some great memories.

their version $300

our version $35

RH Baby as well as Serena and Lily had wood boxes on casters that we both fell in love with. Theirs were $89-120 each. home projects

We now have several of these around the house and I love them. Ours were about $20 each.

Remember this sad Stow chair? Love the lines, brand and how sturdy it was so we learned how to reupholster and a few months later (we are slow) we had this extra chair for our front living room.

bought it for $20 + fabric and a few other materials=$50 total

(the coloring in the picture is off but it matches the wall and our pottery barn pillows and window treatments perfectly)

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