Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother's Day

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Chris serves at church with the men and they were in charge of the Mother's Day gifts for all the women in the Ward. So in true "men" fashion (sorry!) it was passed down to us until late, late Friday night. Ah! The joys...and then I decide that we cannot just do chocolate. We have to make 75 hand cut, twisted and glued flower pins. We figured we spent just about 9 hours total. They were really cute and I hope everyone liked them.
And I had a great Mother's Day! After a long day in Primary (our children's church group) I took a long nap, Chris made some delicious food and dessert and we spent the afternoon together. Not much better.
I am also so grateful to my own Mother and mother in law. They are wonderful women who continue to love, support, teach and uplift us in so many ways. I only wish we lived closer together.

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D.B. said...

9 hours, now that's true woman fashion. Ask Chris about Dave Pratt, he's our current bishop (again). Guess what he got for Mother's Day, yep you guessed it, they handed out a pint of Ben & Jerry's to every woman at the end of the block! LoL