Sunday, May 20, 2012

the first couple of weeks we worried, worried about this little one. she would wake up in the morning or after naps and just shake. she was not sure where she was and it would take her a little to wake up and recognize us and feel comfortable again. and we are not too sure but think she was not feed too much. now she is eating any kind of snack she can get her hands on and she is getting used to and eating table foods much better. she loves her fruits and sweets! her skin looks much better we think because she is eating really food and drinking much more. when she first came her checks were open sores and she had spots and scars all over her little body. they said she need all kinds of special things but simply bathing her and lotioning her and she has healed. She is just so pretty.
Her eyes in pictures look really, really black but they are very carmel colored.
grandma sent a doll in the mail! She was so excited and loves, loves on her! thank thoughtful.
this has been an adjustment for sure but we felt strongly to take Niomi and have all made changes. it has been wonderful to get to know her and her family as well as love and care for an innocent baby who needs a home. this crazy system we are involved with has blessed our lives in many ways. And Niomi is a sweet, sweet baby girl.

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