Friday, August 22, 2008

my new obession...

Last week I went to my salon and instead of a hair cut or color I got a facial. It was the most relaxing thing ever. It was the nicest spa I have ever been to; slippers, drinks, lows lights, and soft music. I would die to go every week if only I had the time and

The products they use are called dermalogica and after a week of samples my skin feels much better. I went back this week and bought the line. It is fabulous and I have loved it!

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D.B. said...

So, Lisa, have you ever had a massage? They're pretty amazing as well. Dermalogica huh, not to sound to metrosexual, but thats what I/We use too. I got going on it when I worked at the Woodlands Spa (back when I got 40% off) You might check out, When my I left the spa and my supply ran out I found this spa in Cali that can have pretty good deals on Dermalogica even with shipping.