Tuesday, January 18, 2011

para bens para voce

Happy 1st birthday
What a big boy!

We are so excited to be able to share his 1st birthday with him. and we hope that we will share so many more. It was such a fun birthday! He was excited about the gifts, cake, balloons and pictures. From a distance anyway; the balloons scare him when they are close and he wanted nothing to do with the cake! He is really sensitive to the textures of things. Once he got some icing on his hand all he wanted was to shake it off.

Things we love about him right now:
He has started squealing like a little girl. Loud and high pitch!

We love that his little personality is coming out more. He is so sweet with kisses and he enjoys games like peekaboo and hide and seek.

He loves to hug, snuggle and sit in our laps. He brings so much joy with his bright smile and giggle. He loves to turn pages in his books, point at pictures and make animal sounds. He loves music and singing and instruments.

We started a swim class at the YMCA which he did not like at first because the pool is huge and packed with elder people exercising on the far side. It is getting better and he is enjoying the water more.

He got his first ear infection and we had no idea because he still slept through the night and was not fussy. He is so easy going and happy.

We finally decided on a cake and I bag piped the whole thing. It took about an hour but it turned out really cute. The cake was really good as well; a healthier option of homemade chocolate with apple sauce. Since we everyone was sick and family is far away we just had a little party with us after his long Saturday visit. It worked out great and he had fun opening presents and we had fun celebrating and remembering the last year.


Blue Skies said...

I am really impressed with the cake skills there, Lisa. Really. I am.

Linds said...

I can't believe he is a year old! He is adorable. I love the curly hair! Awesome cake! WOW!

Greg said...

He is so handsome Lisa! Nice cake!

Becky said...

Great cake, cute boy!