Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sweet land of Liberty!
we were a little homesick for Lander this weekend....the best small town celebration and family of course but we have had a good time.

I love the 4th of July and this year we all have several days off, together! Well almost off. Saturday baby had a visit in the middle of the day and I got a mani/pedi so after that we took off for a splash pad. And then we attempted to watch the famous Penfield fireworks. We were all having fun and hanging out until a little family walked by with several balls. (Which is the baby's favorite these days). And he chased after them, fell and threw himself on the ground screaming. He never stopped so we packed up and left just as the fireworks were about to begin. Ah! how children change your life. Fun times. The family even tried to console him by giving him one of their balls but the tantrum had taken over. ah! silly man.

It was way past his bedtime and we had already had an exciting, full day. Chris and I were able to see a fewfireworks from the car as we drove away.

When we got home we got an email from a branch member saying the our usual and expected break the fast meal was no more. The person in charge just decided they were not going to do it. So that meant that Chris and I got to throw a meal together for 80 people at 10:00 at night. Walmart trip, late night rice crispies and 10 pounds of meat cooking in our crockpot all night. Oh the joys! That was my last Sunday at the branch though so I guess we went out with a bang. Not one of our better meals but people travel from all over and after 24 hours of fasting they expect to be able to eat before they drive home. When you are that hunger you will eat anything. And it was good just fast and easy!

In our neighborhood we have this cute little ice cream shop so we walk there often. It is yummy ice cream that is locally made.
the baby loves it!


The South Family said...

I just don't believe that cute little baby can have such a big tantrum! :) What a cutie. Happy 4th!

Blue Skies said...

Definitly missing you guys on the fourth! It has been a blast here in Lander-Land.

Becky said...

Love his t-shirt!