Sunday, July 10, 2011

stony brook state park...

black& white

Baby K's mom has been missing visits so Saturday we took off for a little rode trip down to Stony Brook State Park. It is so beautiful and the weather was just perfect for a watery hike! We had the best time and on our way home commented on how few weekends we have had free between foster care, church and callings.


I love this picture. I feel like it captures baby K's faces and personality. So cute.


the trail follows the river along waterfalls, slides and pools.


As we were swimming people kept commenting on baby K and his excitement in the water. The water was cold enough it was taking my breath away a little but that did not stop baby! He dipped his face in and kicked and splashed in the water. He was not afraid of the waterfall or the rocks. Such a silly boy!


it was a great trail and there were not too many people.


The baby kicked up rocks and jumped in puddles. We had a great day and really needed that break. It was nice to just jump in the car and drive away. In face when we got home we realized we had left the garage door open and it had been that way all day. Good thing we have a safe neighborhood because the door was unlocked into the house. Ah! silly.


baby K loved the pack again this year and feel asleep on the walk home!


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