Thursday, July 14, 2011

a little carnival


carnival 2

Wednesday evening we both came home feeling antsy to get our vacation started. Since we would not be leaving yet we found a little carnival to escape to instead. We got there early before all the high schoolers arrived and enjoyed a few games, a snow cone and a beautiful evening out!



all 3

carnival 1

I had my phone in the pocket of the stroller and when we got home (I am so bad about keeping track of it) much later, the baby was asleep; I was packing, I could not find it any where! I searched the car, the stroller, both bags. It was gone. Chris called it several times. And nothing! I was sick because I had already water drenched one iphone and now I completely lost it. Chris called it again and someone answered. We were so blessed that someone honest had found it and was willing to meet us right away to return. They would not take our "reward" either. She had even sent me a facebook message and called a mutual friend we had to try and find me. I am so grateful that we were able to get it back. 013

carnival 3

This was such a fun evening.

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