Thursday, July 28, 2011

jet setting

We had a great vacation with family all over the state of Utah and then Wyoming. It was fast and furious but we saw everyone on the Packer side and all the family on the Faerber side; plus aunts, uncles and cousins at the Lodge. It has been a hard week back to life and reality!!
Chicago has this great museum they call it for kids. Really just an indoor play area but it was great for baby K to run around and he was tired out for the long plane ride to Utah.
blck white airport
Baby K did really well on the flights overall but the last one has really hard for everyone. We had been traveling for days and we had a really long flight earlier that day. We boarded the plane with no air conditioning and sat there for 45 minutes. Miserable! We moved to the flight pad and they then informed us that we could not take off because of thunderstorms. So we sat there for an hour. This flight total was supposed to take 40 minutes. An hour and half later; the baby slept the entire time; the Pilate suddenly and loudly announced that we could go and he took off fast! The noise and the movement woke up the baby and he was not happy and cried/screamed until we were at cruising altitude. There was a lady sitting in front of us who talked non stopped, very loudly so we knew everything about her life. She was so mad that the baby was crying! (he cried for probably 15 minutes, maybe 20) in the entire 2 hour flight that was horrible for everyone. She seriously threw a tantrum!! She made loud comments like, "put a bottle in that baby's mouth" and put her fingers in her ears, turned around to give us dirty looks and then she began to curse and yell. Finally she stomped her feet and stormed up the isle for another seat. It was actually a big scene that we can laugh about now because she just embarrassed herself; but it did not help anything!

sleeping on the plane

this was the baby's entertainment in the car with all the driving!

Sammy singing the wheels on the bus in the car!

We are home though and recovering. Tons of pictures to come.....


Blue Skies said...

Don't you just love people like that?

Becky said...

Seriously, SLAP that woman! there is no reason to act that way. We loved seeing you all and visiting. Great memories for me!

D.B. said...

I'm guessing she doesn't have children. That's a tough one, flying is such a pain anymore