Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chimney bluffs at Sodus Bay

on the beach



Saturday's are usually taken by visits with bio mom and then recover from those visits but last Saturday we heard early that there would be no visit. I told Chris we should make a list of things we would like to do and then when this happens (it is happening a lot lately) we could just choose one and jump in the car. We were wanting to do a hike outside and decided Chimney Bluff state park was not too far and would some thing totally different in the area. It was really so beautiful.


The pictures of course do not do the view justice partly because they are just pictures but also because the day was so hot and humid that it almost looked steamy. You could see the heat in the air and horizon. We were all exhausted by the time we got home. It was a great day trip despite the heat.


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