Sunday, September 18, 2011

they will one day be good friends....

and we are moving in that direction.

I know this picture is really unclear but I like it. It shows how well these 2 are getting along these days. It has been a rough transition for all of us to say the least. I am losing my patience.
But baby K has been so funny with Piper these last few days.

At one of the visits with bio mom and the worker last week they were coloring pictures and one had a picture of a dog on it. The worker said they could not figure out what he was saying. He was calling for Piper! So cute!! NOTE: the way he says piper is like a french accent (pypeh) so no wonder they could not understand him. Also they did not know the puppy's name.

Friday when leaving for his visit I was putting Piper in her bed and saying good bye. He came right over said bye, bye Piper (in his french accent) and gave her a big kiss right on her face. That was a big step forward.

They have been playing better together and baby K knows how to interact now on his own without jumping in my lap or wanting me to carry him every where. It has made things much easier and I hope it just keeps getting better.


Blue Skies said...

That is so cute!! Oh my goodness. It just kills me.

Becky said...

Hard transition for everyone, but progress is being made and it will really be worth it. Great photos, love the last one!