Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the end of summer

Right now it is still in the upper 70's so it does not feel like fall is coming. But we really excited for all that autumn brings. One thing is a SUPER grandma/nana visit in less than 2 weeks. We are all really, really excited for that.

It is so nice to be out more and enjoying the weather. This is a hike by the lake we were enjoying until baby flipped a switch and was just done! We got out of there fast. Then baby K and I ran a 5K for the house of Mercy. Wonderful organization to support. And once again we did not run it together. That has been the plan for a years now but for one reason or another we always have something else to do that day. This year Chris volunteered to help out with the cleanup in Owego for a day because of all the floods they have received lately. It was quite the experience! He said entire streets of homes were being almost gutted because the water, mud and other yucky brown stuff had covered the basement and first floors of their homes. Most people do not care flood insurance so what could you do. Thousands of $ worth of damage. Their crew worked on a couples home who are in their 90's. It was disgusting, hard work. And he is a good man to have taken a whole day away to go and help. We are grateful for the church here who not only helps each other but so many others throughout the area.

Last week was a really difficult week and then with Chris gone all day Saturday. I was really grateful for the RS Broadcast that evening. I made our favorite chocolate chip pumpkin cookies for the event and left a few at home for Chris. It was such a good message that I really needed to hear and a wonderful reminder of our power and influence as women.

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Yvette said...

My sister lives in Owego! Thankfully, her house was not flooded, but her husband's work was and his office is shut down for several months (unpaid leave, of course). They have some friends staying with them now whose second floor apartment was flooded. My sister and her husband swam to the apartment (literally swam) to get their friends' cat. If you ever run in to Krystle and Paul Smith of Owego, that's my fam!