Wednesday, September 21, 2011

home projects

We are reupholstering this little vintage chair we picked up from an antique store. And I cannot believe how well the fabric we found matches everything in the living room. It has some great bones. I will posted an update soon. wreath whole

I love these paper roses and fabric wreaths. This was just some herringbone I had left over in the piles of fabric that I have. I like the winter look even though it is flowery. home projects
Chris and I needed something to hold our firewood inside the house. I was seeing all these great storage boxes at places like restoration hardware so at a local estate sale we snagged 2 of them. They both needed some repairs and then we added the casters. We talked about painting something on the side but there was nothing appropriate for this one. Maybe we will for the baby's book box. We'll see. I like it though, simple, stable and different.

This has been in the works for months but it is the baby's growth chart. I wanted to have something simple and I love how it turned out. We still need to hang it in the baby's room and mark it with all of the heights. I am glad we decided to make it ourselves.


Daisy said...

So creative Lis. And how special to decorate your home with things that you've made, searched for, and made your own. Makes it all the more special.

Becky said...

Love your special touches. Can't wait to see you all!