Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mommies' day!!

oh happy day....this was a nice day at church. we ran out of time because the last speaker was sick and the branch president called on several YM and an elder to bear testimony. it was really sweet and brought back some great memories of my own mother.

i remember my mother always taking us to dance utah we would drive i think to odgen from mantua, changing in the car! i was so embarrassed to do that. but my mom always came to recitals with flowers and doughnuts after--krispy kremes. yummy! those were great days....

on sundays she always made homemade bread and we would eat that with homemade jam! how lucky were we and ah how i miss that.....on my mission in fact one particularly hard week because my companion had surgery and we were stuck in the apartment for weeks it seemed. and a sister from the ward brought us homemade bread and was an answer to prayer-really. i know and could feel the powers of my own mother's prayers for me thousands of miles away in brazil....

cross country trips in the minivan, late night illnesses, cheerleading camps, trips and games! So many things....

thanks mom for ALL the late nights and unconditional love.

chris made me yummy tiramsu!...mmmm

mother's day for me is not an easy one especially at church. chris has helped me celebrate this day as a woman's day and the eternal nature of being a woman. which means having a "mother heart" as sister beck calls it.
there are so many women who have never had their own children who are wonderful mothers to those around them. i am grateful for many women throughout my life who have influenced me and taught me, and am especially grateful for my own mother.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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