Sunday, May 10, 2009

too many ugly T-shirts...

Saturday we had several things going on; Brighton town cleanup and the 4th ward corsage fund raiser, and BYU ballroom dance team.

I got to hang out with the YW to make flowers for Mother's Day! They worked so hard and made 120+ corsages. I was so proud of how hard they worked....

Chris got up early to lead a cleanup crew in Brighton. they took a section of the road to pick up trash and overall clean.
anyway-they all wore and got to keep t-shirts....very thoughtful since the road was a busy one and i guess the oncoming traffic could not miss the workers in such a bright color. the city did not realize however that if you give chris a free t-shirt he will continue to wear it....

check out this glow in the dark green shirt and one day i might just "help" it disappear in the wash.

he also got a bright orange one from the flag football league, who won the champainship game! and yes he has worn it out many times.

i try to be nice about it since chris is cute no matter what but man....there should be a line for ugly T-shirts! they were free but that does not mean that you have to keep them and wear them.

The BYU dance performance was really good! I ran into an elder from my MTC district-so funny. And then we had two co-ed's stay the weekend with us.

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