Sunday, May 17, 2009

a more purposeful life..

we had the best sunday this was stake conference and chris had no meetings! none. in fact besides our role play with the youth of the stake on friday we had no responsibilities for this weekend. it was a broadcast from SLC. so nice.

so we went to church together, sat together and then left together. awesome. i do not remember the last time this has happened. so simple but so sweet. what a great day!

our home teacher invited us over for lunch with other members of the branch. we had a great time laughing and telling jokes. we are surrounded by some amazing people and friends.
such a cutie-i love you so much and am grateful for the person that you help me to become! we laugh so much and have too much fun together.
we enjoyed time outside in the sunshine, the hammock and with a good book!

I loved the messages of this conference. we came away from this weekend so uplifted, motivated and inspired. Our favorite session has become the adult saturday because the speakers and messages are wonderful. it is the best kept secret!

one decision we made was to live a more purposeful life each great changes but a more focused effort to keep and live our covenants, to remember the savior in small ways each moment and love and enjoy life with all it's ups and downs. i feel like it just kinda carries me and time passes. there are so many things i want to do and so many things i need to do better.
c+l grass

more holiness give me...more patience in suffering, more faith in my savior, more strength to over come, more longing for home, more purity give me, more blessed and holy, more savior like thee.....

in one of my favorite areas in brasil + bestest companions...we served with a ward mission leader how had a perma-duck face! he was so great and loved us so much. his family was not active but man he was there at every appointment teaching and singing with us and feeding us at least once a week. my companion and i made hours of jokes around this face but soon picked it up ourselves and still chris catches me making the irmao pedro duck mouth!
good memories.
and good sundays...

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