Sunday, May 10, 2009

ten things...

this last week i went to the 1st ward for a mutual (sunday) yw lesson. they have more attendance at week day activities so they wanted to teach a more spiritual lesson. it was on finding joy in our divine potential. and several other women came as well to talk about being a woman.

my dad is cute!

i learned two things:

~that our value in the sight of Heavenly Father is not dependant on our life circumstances--whether we have a boyfriend or not, married or not, how many children we have, whether we served a mission or not! Our value as children of our Father in Heaven is unconditional and eternal!!! And our individual talents, gifts and personalities are needed in building God's Kingdom on earth no matter that "state" in life.

~that no matter the stage in life we can find fact (this sounds so simple) but i think that in and of itself may be our purpose in life in spite of what happens in this life; to seek out and find joy. We have to work at it. Happiness does not arrive when we can date or when we get married, finish college or have children but we can seek out peace, happiness and joy despite anything that does or does not happen to us.

so ten things that make me happy

1. fun and unique fabric
2. any time i get with my husband (just hanging out at home)
3. yummy chocolate

i love his photography: check out more here....

4. art, photography, crafts
5. the YW + it program-i lose myself and all that selfishness
6. travel + the anticipation of a trip somewhere new
7. seasons and the colors, smells and tastes of each
8. tv shows-30 rock, amazing race, project runway (i know a waste of time but it makes me smile...)

9. the random and funny things kids say and do
10. working and serving with others

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