Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 months

Say What???
I love this picture...he has so many expressions right now and we laugh so hard. This is a great one.

9 lbs 6 oz.

Yeah! the boyo is finally into the 10th % of his weight class. And I won the bet on how much he would weigh. He is getting there. He got his two month shots today as well and has done ok throughout the rest of the day.

I know more pictures of the baby and more weights. Ah! We are still doing other things but really enjoying this part of our lives right now. Plus pictures of him are so much cuter.
He is just so happy all the time. We are loving how much he laughs, giggles and loves to sing back to Chris. Such a great kid.


Daisy said...

I LOVE the first one. So fun to watch them try to control their little bodies. Smiles. Voices. Etc.

Jodie said...

I love that you update with pics and such. I will admit to being a bit obsessed with checking your blog. :)